Programs at Natural Mental Health

Joy Lab Program

Joy Lab is a podcast coupled with a self-guided, group-supported, online program that guides you as you learn and apply the essential elements of joy to create and sustain a flourishing life. 

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Foundations of Mental Health

The NMH Foundations can help you build and support optimal mental health naturally. If you're experiencing mental health challenges, finding a way to feel better can seem overwhelming. The good news is that optimal mental health is built on a set of simple foundational practices. There are actions you can take today to bring your brain, body, and heart into balance.

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Resilience Quiz with Tailored Mini-Courses

Based on decades of clinical experience, we've created a model of resilience that is both helpful and practical.

After completing the Resilience Quiz, you can access your free tailored mini-course, full of integrative practices and supplement ideas to help you reclaim your most resilient self. 

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Resilient Kids Summit

Children and teens are experiencing an unprecedented wave of adversity. And, when your child struggles with anxiety, depression, or ADHD, it can be difficult to know how to help. That’s why we’re bringing parents an opportunity to learn about the mind-body-heart approaches that have been shown to support child mental health.

Expand your parenting toolbox. Help your child thrive.

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