Be Well in April: Live Simply

awaken Apr 03, 2018

Most folks are overscheduled, overcommitted, and undernourished. Time for self-care can feel exhaustively absent. This over-taxed state of being can make goals for better health seem like impossible dreams. 

The focus this month is to live more simply to create space for better health and resilience. This focus can help you prioritize effort, stay more motivated, and more confidently invite your health goals in and take action toward them. With this in mind, the intention this month is: 

Live Simply

Here are three strategies to focus on:

Pick And Purge: Declutter

  • Space impacts the mind and body in big ways. Eliminate unnecessary items from your home in order to create spaces that are calm, warm, and that truly reflect you.
  • Specific action: Choose two rooms (or closets) that you can sort through. For each room, aim to fill at least two brown bags full of items that you'll either sell, donate, recycle, or throw away. And don't let those bags sit! Make sure they're out of your possession by the end of the month. 

Just Say No

  • Why: When you are overscheduled, it can be hard to make time to clear your mind and reflect on the values and priorities that you want present in your life.
  • Specific action: Use the "Not To Do List" at your  30 Days Newsletter. If you're not a member of the newsletter, sign up for free here.

Clean Up

  • Why: The spaces in your home, car, and work can be a reflection of your mind, body, and heart. Cleaning up a space can send a new and inspiring message to your system to help you take action in other areas of your health.
  • Specific action: Choose one space to spring clean (great idea to do this after you Pick And Purge!). And don't just give it a dust. Deep clean from top to bottom and if possible, use natural cleaning products. 

These practices may seem simple, but they are powerful. Small steps to simplify your life and create more healing spaces sets the stage for even more lasting and meaningful health changes. 


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