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Be Well in July: Eat Fresh

nourish resilient year Jul 01, 2018

Last month's theme aimed at waking up your senses so you can feel more grounded, focused, and in balance. This month, the availability of so many fresh fruits and vegetables will serve as inspiration to eat a wider variety of foods that come with the season and that nourish your body, mind, and heart. 

With this in mind, the intention this month is: 

Eat Fresh

Here are two strategies to focus on:

Connect to Fresh

  • Why: Incorporating more fresh foods into your diet is great for every aspect of your system. Further, when you start with fresh food (vs. already prepared), you may find yourself connecting more deeply to your food. This connection matters as it can help you eat more in tune with what your system really needs. 
  • Specific action: Get to the source of your food. This may mean that you visit a farmers market twice this month, join a CSA, start a windowsill garden, or just do a bit more grocery shopping and cooking. 

Add One More

  • Why: Simple steps make a big difference when it comes to creating healthy eating habits. Committing to one new practice this month can set you up for nourishment that continues on.
  • Specific Action: Choose one more food or meal per day or week that is fresh and healthy. Set your goal of Add One More so that it's realistic for you. You can always Add One More again (and again) the next day or week! Note that foods don't have to be raw either- just prepared in healthy ways that serve you best. 


Pick one or both of the above strategies to focus on this month. Use the comment section below to share your progress, questions, and tips!

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