Who's Behind NMH & Why Natural Approaches to Mental Health Matter

May 16, 2017

Greetings, Resilient friends! It’s me, Tim! Here’s the dirt on NMH…

Henry and I  have collaborated for many years and share a passion for promoting “Natural Mental Health” for all ages (our bios are over here). Though we can go toe-to-toe on scientific jargon, experts often agree that I'm more handsome and vibrant than Henry (let’s see what Henry comes back with…).

We first met when I took a class that Henry was teaching called A Year of Living Mindfully. I wasn’t initially sold on the mindfulness stuff… or the year. “I won’t make it three months!” I cried. Fast forward some years and we’re now close friends and present lectures, workshops, and programs together on topics such as resilience across the lifespan, mindfulness and natural therapies for mental health, and resilience training for teens and adults.

Recognized as pioneers in holistic and integrative medicine, we are motivated to share our knowledge and wisdom with folks looking for natural mental health solutions and with colleagues who also aim to serve their clients/patients more effectively. We created this website to reach more individuals and families with our message of hope.

We intend NMH to be a library of all things related to natural and holistic mental health. You can expect quality products, evidence–based solutions, trainings for both consumers and professionals, and the promotion of mental health literacy for all ages.

As “pioneers” of the field, we are also too old and out of touch to pull this off without help. So, we have enlisted the aid of a brilliant, eccentric, and lovely wellbeing researcher and communicator named Aimee Prasek, PhD. Aimee brings to this collaboration a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas including techy stuff- like making the doodads and thingamajigs work.

We also have wonderful adult children who have taught us a lot about resilience. And we are also pleased that our spouses, Angela and Jane, have agreed to help us with this effort as well!

We are both well-trained physicians grounded in conventional mental health approaches,  including psychopharmacology. We feel that prescription psychiatric medications do have their place, but should be used with more care and caution than is often the case today. We humans are complex and most of us do better when offered an approach that supports all of who we are: mind, body, heart, and soul. We share a vision of evolving and transforming mental health care into a more organic and collaborative approach that recognizes and supports that complexity, and honors our natural, inborn healing capacities. We believe that we need to identify and treat the root causes driving mental health symptoms (e.g. inflammation, GI tract dysfunction, poor nutrition, stress, and sleep deprivation), instead of merely offering symptom management.

Here's the summary: We think folks need less pills and more skills. We believe now’s the time for you to reclaim your birthright gift of naturally resilient mental health and we hope to help you do just that!


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