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The Six Categories of Resilience

Watch the video to learn more about the NMH categories of resilience. After the video, head below to choose you category. Each category offers key resources to help you uncover, reactivate, and maintain resilience and build optimal health in mind, body, and heart.


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Daily Resilience Categories

A solid foundation is necessary for resilience and optimal wellbeing. If you resonate with one of these three categories, then start here! Note: it's a good idea to only work on a maximum of two categories at a time.

Natural Foundations includes the first-step awareness of your unique needs, necessary nutrients, and self-care practices that support your most well self.

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Your gut-brain-body connection is inescapable and is often at the root of common wellbeing struggles. Check in to see if digestive issues may be impacting your body-mind system.

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If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or lack quality of sleep, then this category can help you improve your sleep and boost body-mind health in surprising ways.

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Pathways to Resilience Categories

Joy, Calm, and Focus are built on daily resilience. These pathways then give you more skills and tailoring strategies to help you cultivate these essential qualities in your life. Each Joy, Calm, and Focus course refers back to relevant daily resilience resources, so feel free to jump right into one of these courses even if you haven't started or completed a Daily Resilience category.

Do you feel sad, frustrated, or disconnected? Learn the root of these common concerns and how you can invite more joy in your life.

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Are symptoms of anxiousness, worry, or stress holding you back? Learn more about overcoming these obstacles and cultivating calm in your life.

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Do you feel distracted by every squirrel and have trouble focusing or remembering things? Learn how you can care for your brain and boost focus.

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