Calm An Anxious Mood

We offer specific tools and practices to calm an Anxious
Mood. Read about your subtype below, then choose the tools and practices you'd like to use on your pathway to joy.

About the Anxious Mood

What Is the Anxious Mood?

The anxious mood is by far the most common sub-type of depression, in part because of its relationship to stress. In our experience, nearly 80% of people with a depressed mood fit into the anxious mood sub-type. This pattern is often not true clinical depression, but instead what is called an “adjustment disorder.” By definition, an adjustment disorder is stress-related and most often caused by the way your body and mind react to life situations. This means that  (a) reducing stress or (b) preventing your body from reacting to stress can help your body move out of "fight or flight" mode to a state where you are capable of experiencing more joy.

What the Anxious Mood Feels Like

Serotonin is a brain chemical that plays a large role in helping you cope with life’s challenges. Too little serotonin can cause:

  • Feelings of susceptibility to even mild stresses.
  • Feelings of insecurity or insufficiency.
  • Difficulty taking risks and putting yourself out into the world.
  • A tendency to withdraw, even from friends or activities that would be supportive.
  • Impulsive behaviors like binge eating, alcohol abuse, or serial relationships, which represent an unconscious effort to feel better. Unfortunately, these actions only makes things worse.

The Good News

There are many things you can do to boost your resilience in the face of stress. And there are many strategies that can help you balance your subtype and calm the Anxious Mood. See below key tools to help you reclaim your joy.

Tools & Practices to Balance Your Subtype & Reclaim Joy

Nourish Your Mood

Looking to build a strong foundation? Start by giving your brain what it needs to find
its balance. Discover the best way to nourish yourself, including the specific foods & supplements that calm an Anxious Mood.

Learn About Diet & Supplements

Restore Your Mood

Looking for more in-depth support? In this self-paced online program, Dr. Henry Emmons
walks you through the core knowledge, skills, & practices to balance your subtype & begin to reclaim your joy.

Learn About the Online Program

Jumpstart Your Mood

Looking for a quick boost? In the Anxious Mood Resilience Kit, you'll receive all the
key supplements, tools, & supports to help you get started and stick with it. Pair this with the online program for a most complete approach.

Learn About the Resilience Kit

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Online Program with Dr. Emmons

Join Dr. Emmons as he walks you through natural and mindfulness approaches to balance your subtype and reclaim your calm. This self-guided program allows you to move at your own pace, but is also complemented by a community group space. This space offers fresh monthly content and conversations to enrich your journey. Sign up for the waitlist to learn more and receive special early and discounted access when the program launches in Fall 2019.