Resilience Kit for the Distracted Brain | Natural Support for a Focused Brain

Jumpstart Your Brain

Key supplements and tools to help balance the Distracted Brain. All in one kit to save you time & money. Learn more below.

What's Inside?

See below a description of all the key items contained in the Resilience Kit for a Distracted Brain.


1: Create the Chemistry


Neurotransmitter Support

Your kit includes one bottle of Resilient RemediesTM Focus. Focus provides a unique blend of stimulant-free, non-habit forming ingredients to support cognitive function, mental and physical energy, focus, and motivation.*

2: Add a Calming Boost



Your kit includes one bottle of Resilient RemediesTM Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind contains L-theanine, which supports the brain’s primary calming chemical (GABA) and may help support concentration, reduce stress and worry, and improve sleep.*

3: Heaven Scent


Calming Aromatherapy Inhaler

Aromatherapy is a surprisingly effective and safe tool you can use throughout the day to naturally support your energy and mood. Your Calming Aromatherapy Inhaler is an extra-portable way to get a boost when you need it. Just take a sniff, put it back in your pocket, and go!

4. Because It's Science


Staying Sharp

Staying Sharp offers you even more support as you balance your subtype. It's also the perfect complement if you decide to join in for the online program (coming soon!).

5: Practice Focused Habits


Isochronic Tones Music

An isochronic tone is a tone that is turned on and off rapidly, creating sharp, distinctive pulses of sound. The singular tone is spaced rhythmically and turns on and off in a pattern that can facilitate attention and problem-solving frequencies (Beta waves) in the brain. Your brain entrains or synchronizes with this tone pattern, which helps you focus on a task. Your track comes via email as a digital download. Put the track on as background sound when you need to focus.

BONUS: Take It Easy


Supplement Organizer

Fill your organizer every evening with your supplements, place your organizer on top of your phone (side tip: get your phone out of the bedroom!), and you'll be more likely to remember to take them in the morning.

Restore Your Focus

Jumpstart Your Brain

Kits are limited, so order yours today.


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