Foundations for Natural Mental Health


The NMH Foundations can help you build and support optimal mental health naturally.

If you're experiencing mental health challenges, finding a way to feel better can seem overwhelming. The good news is that optimal mental health is built on a set of simple foundational practices. There are actions you can take today to bring your brain, body, and heart into balance.

Explore Natural Mental Health Foundations

Follow the practices found in each of the following sections to build a strong foundation and optimize your mental health.


Learn about the NMH foundations and how to use the practices and implement the information found in this section.

Learn about Foundations


Sleep is one of the most important foundational steps on your journey to resilience and natural mental health. Learn practices to help you sleep.

Learn about Sleep


Learn about the Resilient Diet, a set of twelve nutrition principles that can optimize your brain for better mental health.

Learn about Nourish


We've created three Resilient Movement Plans in order to help you find a movement routine that works for you.

Learn about Movement


MInd-body practices are valuable tool to help you feel more comfort in your body, settle down your mind, and awaken your being.

Learn about Mind-Body


This section details natural supplements and other supports that can complement the practices you incorporate into your daily life.

Learn about Remedies

How to work through the NMH Foundations

The NMH Foundations offer specific practices that you can build into your routine now. It's divided into five categories. These categories are Sleep, Nourish (nutrition), Movement, Mind-Body, and Remedies. Within each category are guidelines and practices to support and improve your mental health.

Take it slow

Don't feel obligated to put all these practices into action right away. We suggest you start with Sleep and Nourish and implement the practices there. When you're ready, add the practices from the Movement section. Then, add the Mind-Body practices. Utilize the Remedies section at any time throughout.

Where should you start?

We find that working through the content in the order of Sleep > Nourish > Movement > Mind-Body > Remedies works for many, but it's not a perfect science. If you feel drawn to the Movement or Mind-Body practices first and want to come back to Nourish later, trust your own wisdom and motivation. Remember, this is about building a strong foundation that uniquely serves you. 

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