Mind-Body Practices for Natural Mental Health


Mind-Body Practices for Natural Mental Health


Awaken your sensory awareness for better mental health.

In this section, we'll focus on helping you develop an enhanced awareness of how it feels to breathe calmly and fully and be fully present in your body. Learn how to awaken your senses to the world around you, cultivate positive emotions, and engage more intentionally and fully in your life. Frequent stress and depleting or negative emotions (such as frustration, anger, anxiety, or fear) drain energy from body, mind, and heart and interfere with sleep.

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Even before exploring these foundational resources, you probably had at least a basic understanding of how diet and movement habits impact mental health. However, you may be less familiar with the concept of awakening through mind-body practices, even though it is equally crucial to wellbeing. So what do we mean by "awakening"? Mind-body practices can sharpen your senses, promote mindfulness, and help you listen to your inner voice. Essentially, "awakening" means coming alive--not just going through the motions of healthy habits, but truly being present in them. In other words, while the Nourish and Move foundational practices are about doing, the Awaken practices are about being. 


The Resilient Breath and Body Awareness Practice

The Resilient Breath and Body Awareness Practice is a valuable tool to help you feel more comfort in your body, settle down your mind, and awaken your being.


Add Aromatherapy to Your Body Awareness Practice

Aromatherapy is an underutilized tool for creating better mental health naturally. It's fast-acting, safe, and surprisingly effective. Maybe that’s because there is such a short distance from nose to brain, with easy access to neural circuits that are over-activated when we become anxious.

The therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological wellbeing is called Clinical Aromatherapy. It is sometimes used in combination with other holistic approaches (such as massage, mental imagery, breathwork, yoga) as part of a holistic treatment approach.

Learn about Healing Alchemy Aromatherapy

Explore Natural Mental Health Foundations

Follow the practices found in each of the following sections to build a strong foundation and optimize your mental health.


Learn about the NMH foundations and how to use the practices and implement the information found in this section.

Learn about Foundations


Sleep is one of the most important foundational steps on your journey to resilience and natural mental health. Learn practices to help you sleep.

Learn about Sleep


Learn about the Resilient Diet, a set of twelve nutrition principles that can optimize your brain for better mental health.

Learn about Nourish


We've created three Resilient Movement Plans in order to help you find a movement routine that works for you.

Learn about Movement


Mind-body practices are valuable tool to help you feel more comfort in your body, settle down your mind, and awaken your being.

Learn about Mind-Body


This section details natural supplements and other supports that can complement the practices you incorporate into your daily life.

Learn about Remedies

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