Easily adopt an effective, integrative approach to therapy in your practice.

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Are your clients stuck? Are you feeling burned out?

You're not alone.

Many mental health practitioners, just like you, tell us their clients aren't recovering despite exhausting their toolkits. What's more, they're frustrated by traditional and pharmacological treatments that don't align with their beliefs and values.

It's why many are looking to adopt integrative therapy techniques.

Build your integrative mental health practice—supported by Natural Mental Health.


We're about to launch Building Resilience, an integrative mental health and wellness newsletter for Practitioners. It's a free resource for you and we hope you'll join us as a founding member.

This monthly newsletter will accelerate the success of your integrative mental health practice. It includes:

  • Written mini-trainings from integrative psychiatrist, Henry Emmons, MD, and integrative pediatrician, Tim Culbert, MD
  • Important integrative mental health news and practice applications that empower you to address depression, anxiety, and ADHD through mind-body wellness
  • Discounts on our live professional development programs
  • And, more

Join us for Building Resilience!

Interested? It's totally free and you’ll join practitioners just like yourself in bringing evidence-based mind-body-spirit approaches to those who wish to feel more calm, focus, and joy.

Why get your integrative mental health training through Natural Mental Health?


  • Our programs, including our Building Resilience newsletter, take a mentorship-based approach that gives you real-world relevant support you need to be most successful
  • Our integrative approach to mental health is deeply rooted in science
  • Our team has years of experience developing both integrative psychiatry and integrative pediatrics programs for mainstream organizations

Meet your Building Resilience leaders

Henry Emmons, MD

A highly sought-after integrative mental health speaker and consultant, Henry has developed programs for the University of Minnesota and Allina Health. He’s also the author of four highly acclaimed books, including The Chemistry of Joy.

Tim Culbert, MD

A respected integrative pediatrician, Tim has created programs for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and PrairieCare Medical Group. He’s also written several books for children and practitioners, including Integrative Pediatrics.

Join us for Building Resilience!