Not All Anxiety is Alike.

Anxiety shows up in one of three subtypes. Understanding yours provides a way to tailor your path to healing.

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Learn Your Subtype

Identifying your Calm Subtype is the first step on your adventure. One key question can help: When you're having a rough time and calm seems impossible, how do you feel? When you're ready, read the subtypes below and choose the one that answers that question best for you.

Worried Mind

I often feel nervous, worried and fearful of the future. I can’t stop thinking that something bad might happen. It’s hard for me to let go of tension and worry. 

I Feel Like This More Often

Reactive Mind

I often over-react to small stresses and can easily become panicked. I tend to see danger everywhere. Sometimes I avoid things that I’m afraid will make me more anxious.

I Feel Like This More Often

Repeating Mind

I often edgy, irritable or agitated. I tend to repeat the same unpleasant thoughts over and over, like a broken record. Sometimes I also get caught in rigid or repetitive behaviors. 

I Feel Like This More Often

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