Anxiety shows

up in unique ways.

Anxiety shows up in one of three unique subtypes. 

The section below will help you determine your subtype. You can then access key resources to help tailor your path to more balance and calm.

What does an anxious mood feel like to you?

Read the subtypes below and choose the one that answers that question best for you. Select your subtype to then learn about the food, supplements, exercise, and sleep practices that are best for your subtype.

Worried Mind

I often feel nervous, worried and fearful of the future. I can’t stop thinking that something bad might happen. It’s hard for me to let go of tension and worry. 

I feel mostly like this.

Reactive Mind

I often over-react to small stresses and can easily become panicked. I tend to see danger everywhere. Sometimes I avoid things that I’m afraid will make me more anxious.

I feel mostly like this.

Repeating Mind

I often feel edgy, irritable or agitated. I tend to repeat the same unpleasant thoughts over and over, like a broken record. Sometimes I also get caught in rigid or repetitive behaviors. 

I feel mostly like this.

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