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Nourish Introduction

Build a Strong Gut Microbiome

The gut microbiome is incredibly important to overall health. It supports functions of digestion, motility, carbohydrate breakdown, vitamin production, amino acid synthesis, immune system regulation, and even detoxification functions.

The bacterial diversity of the microbiome is related to how healthy you are--the more diverse the better. A low diversity of bacteria in the GI tract is also associated with higher levels of body fat and inflammation.1 The best way to boost diversity in your digestive tract is to consume a diet filled with a wide variety of foods, including fermented foods.

The Resilient Diet, our basic dietary practice that we detail in our Foundations section, supports this diversity and is a great tool to build a strong gut microbiome. If you scored low on the Digestive Health Checklist, you can jump straight into using the Resilient Diet to guide your daily nutrition. However, if you scored high on the Digestive Health Checklist, you may want to first give your gut some extra care with a special gut-healing practice called the SHARE Model before jumping into the Resilient Diet. 

Learn more about how the SHARE Model can help heal your gut and get you ready to follow the Resilient Diet.

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