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Creating more focus in your life is possible. The NMH Focus mini-courses aim to help you do just that in a way that is unique for you. Here's your first step: Watch the video below!

A More Focused State Is Within You

Learn more about focus, your unique sub-type, and how you can nourish, move, and awaken your system to create more focus in every aspect of your life. After you watch the video, head to the quiz below.


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Choose the sub-type below that fits you best. After you select your sub-type, sign-up for your free mini-course to begin your pathway to calm. Plan for 45-60 minutes so that you can move through all of the course content in one sitting (if possible). After working through the content, you'll choose which strategies to implement at a pace that works for you.

Distracted Brain

Common characteristics: Often happy, impulsive, fidgety, high energy, creative, busy, and talkative. Tend to have trouble organizing, remembering, and following through on certain tasks. May experience anxiousness and sleep issues. 

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Lethargic Brain

Common characteristics: Tendency to feel low in energy or in a "mental fog." Individuals and those close to them may also feel the individual is apathetic, lacks motivation, or has a slower processing speed. Rarely hyperactive or impulsive.

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Distressed Brain

Common characteristics: Impulsivity and/or restless behavior are quite common. Anger may be hard to control, in addition to struggles with aggressive behaviors, oppositionality, emotional reactivity, and settling down.

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