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Build Your Strong Foundation

If you're experiencing mental health challenges, finding a way to feel better can seem overwhelming. The good news is that optimal mental health is built on a set of simple foundational practices. There are actions you can take today to bring your brain, body, and heart into balance.

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Foundational Steps

In this Foundations section you will find specific practices that you can build into your routine now. It's divided into four categories. The first three, Nourish, Move, and Awaken, follow the structure you'll see across our site. These categories offer simple nutrition, movement, and mindfulness guides to improve your mental health. The fourth category, Remedies, details natural supplements and other supports that can complement the Nourish, Move, and Awaken practices you incorporate into your daily life.

Don't feel obligated to put all these practices into action right away. We suggest you start with Nourish and implement the practices there. When you're ready, add the practices from the Move section. Then, add the Awakening practices. Utilize the Remedies section at any time throughout.

We find that working through the content in the order of Nourish ----> Move ----> Awaken works for many, but it's not a perfect science. If you feel drawn to the Move or Awaken content first and want to come back to Nourish later, trust your own wisdom and motivation. Remember, this is about building a strong foundation that uniquely serves you. 

Ready to dive in? After watching the video at the top of this page, head over to the Foundations: Nourish section. If you want a preview of what's ahead, see the Natural Foundations outline below. 

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