Pathways to Joy Online Program

Join Dr. Emmons as he walks you through natural and mindfulness approaches to balance your subtype and reclaim your joy.

Pathways to Joy

Online Program with Dr. Emmons

This self-guided program allows you to move at your own pace as you create a tailored plan for depression. You'll start your journey in the body as you learn the subtype-specific sleep practices, foods, supplements, and exercises that can help you restore balance. You'll then adventure to the mind and heart where you'll learn how to calm your mind and expand your heart to joy. You'll end your journey with lessons on connection and belonging and how you can create lasting joy and resilience. Get a taste of the program by watching the three beginning lessons of the program (videos below). 

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Course Agenda

  1. Welcome to the Course (video)
  2. What's Depression... Really? (video)
  3. A New Model of Depression (video)
  1. What's the Science of Hope (video)
  2. Epigenetics (video)
  3. Neurogenesis (video)
  4. Neuroplasticity (video)
  1. Introduction to the Subtypes and Your Questionnaires (video + questionnaire)
  2. About the Subtypes of Depression and Neurotransmitter Questionnaires (video + questionnaire)
  3. About Your Neurotransmitters and Your Mind-Body Subtype (video + questionnaire)
  4. About the Mind-Body Questionnaire (video)
  1. The Power of Sleep (video)
  2. The Science of Sleep (video)
  3. Sleep Rhythm and Light Therapy (video)
  4. Sleep Hygiene Extras (video)
  5. Sleep Reminder (video)
  6. Sleep for the Subtypes: Anxious Mood or Can't Fall Asleep (video)
  7. Sleep for the Subtypes: Agitated Mood or Can't Stay Asleep (video)
  8. Sleep for the Subtypes: Sluggish Mood or Problems with Waking (video)
  9. Sound Sleep Meditations (10, 20, and 30 minute variations)
  1. The Power of Nutrition (video)
  2. Hydrate Your Mood (video)
  3. Balance Blood Sugar (video)
  4. Fats to Focus On (video)
  5. Eat for the Anxious Mood (video)
  6. Eat for the Agitated Mood (video)
  7. Eat for the Sluggish Mood (video)
  8. Eat Joyfully and Mindfully (video)
  1. The Power of Movement (video)
  2. Resilient Movement Plans for Mind-Body Health (video)
  3. Move for Your Subtype (video)
  1. About Balancing Brain Chemistry with Supplements and Medication (video)
  2. Foundational Supplement: Activated B-Vitamins (video)
  3. Foundational Supplement: Brain-Friendly Magnesium (video)
  4. Foundational Supplement: Omega-3 Fatty Acids (video)
  5. Foundational Supplement: Vitamin D-3 (video)
  6. Supplements for the Anxious Mood (video)
  7. Supplements for the Agitated Mood (video)
  8. Supplements for the Sluggish Mood (video)
  9. Using Medication Wisely (video)
  1. Mind and Heart Intro (video)
  2. Suffering and Stress (video)
  3. Thought and the Second Arrow (video)
  4. About the Thought Meditation (video)
  5. Awareness of Thought Meditation (video)
  6. The Trickiness of the Mind (video)
  7. About Normal, Everyday Emotions and Depression (video)
  8. Emotion Meditation (video)
  9. Emotional Reactivity and Emotional Storms (video)
  10. Emotional Storms Meditation (video)
  11. Reminder About Storms and Working to Calm Them (video)
  12. Cultivating a Good Heart (video)
  13. Compassion Meditation (video)
  1. Creating Connection and Belonging Intro (video)
  2. Heart Opening Meditation (video)
  3. Sympathetic Joy Meditation (video)
  4. Dialogue with Your Soul (video)
  1. Depression as a Sacred Experience- Journaling and Other Practices (video)
  2. A Blessing for Your Path

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Online Program with Dr. Emmons

Join Dr. Emmons as he walks you through natural and mindfulness approaches to balance your subtype and reclaim your joy. This self-guided program allows you to move at your own pace, but is also complemented by a community group space. This space offers fresh monthly content and conversations to enrich your journey. Sign up for the waitlist to learn more and receive special early and discounted access when the program launches in Fall 2019.