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Move Introduction
Morning and Evening Routines

Movements and Routines for Better Sleep

Moving your body in certain ways while you're awake can prepare it for better, longer sleep. Specifically, there are two powerful movement strategies that can help you sleep better: 

  1. Exercise during the day will likely help you sleep better. Just remember to try and finish moderate to high intensity exercise at least three hours before you go to bed to keep your stress hormones down and your body cool at bedtime. If you don't yet have an exercise habit, visit the Natural Foundations: Move pages after you finish this Sleep section for movement plans you can follow.
  2. Incorporating more meaningful movement throughout your day can play a big role in the quality of your sleep. One way to accomplish this is to create morning and evening routines. These routines incorporate mindful movement, self-care, and other healthy habits to benefit both your sleeping and non-sleeping hours. We've developed some specific routines for you to follow, but you can always adjust them to fit your preferences. Find our recommended routines below.

These sleep-enhancing routines are simple to follow and won't take long to implement. Get started today!

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