NMH Values & Mission

NMH Values


NMH operates with the intention to not just help folks boost wellbeing and resilience, but to also spread love, joy, and kindness in every endeavor.


NMH integrates inspiration and practices from a variety of traditions and systems while balancing considerations of safety, efficacy, and individual preference.


NMH strives to offer trusted education that is real-world relevant and fully-focused on improving mental health and fostering resilience.


NMH prioritizes more natural, less-invasive approaches to support mental health and resilience that work to ignite the mind and body’s innate healing capacities.


NMH offers trusted information and holistic products to help individuals of all ages optimize their mental health and build resilience in mind, body, and heart. 


The NMH vision is led by two pioneering integrative physicians: Henry Emmons MD and Timothy Culbert, MD. Under their leadership, NMH will offer an online collection of holistic mental health resources for children, adolescents and adults created and curated by an interdisciplinary group of integrative mental health experts from around the world.


This website and all materials and products offered herein, do NOT replace the need for individuals utilizing the NMH website to seek the guidance from an appropriate healthcare professionals when necessary, in particular when confronting serious mental health symptoms and functional challenges.

Make sure you always have a crisis intervention/safety plan for yourself and loved-ones, family members, friends, or colleagues who are facing mental health challenges.

The NMH Team supports holistic mental health approaches and self-care whenever possible, however, conventional mental health services including psychiatry, psychological assessment and therapy, medical/neurological evaluation, inpatient hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs all have a potential role in an Integrative Care Plan, and should be considered when appropriate on a case-by-case basis in consultation with an appropriate healthcare professional as needed. 


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