Nourish, Move, Awaken

The Daily Resilience categories and Pathways to Resilience mini-courses are built on the nourish, move, and awaken model. Watch the video to learn more about the model from Drs. Emmons and Culbert.

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More About the Model & How It Works to Boost Resilience


The Nourish, Move, Awaken model aims to be comprehensive enough to provide true healing, while addressing underlying issues that can drive mental health problems (e.g., sleep difficulties or gastrointestinal imbalances). Most mental health problems are multifactorial, meaning that there is not just one cause, but rather many contributing factors that can lead to problematic symptoms such as depression, anxiety or inattention. Therefore, it is rare that a single intervention- taking a medication or vitamin, improving your diet, meditating occasionally- is going to be powerful enough to change things dramatically. That's why we take an integrative mental health approach at NMH and utilize more dynamic models. 

The Nourish, Move, Awaken model addresses the many contributors that may be crashing your wellbeing. 

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The team here at Natural Mental Health sincerely desires to provide you with the most natural, easy-to-use, safe, and cost-effective tools available to support your wellbeing in the long-term and optimize your resilience across the lifespan!

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