Natural Mental Health Professional Series

February 15, March 15, April 19  |  2019

Westminster Hall | Westminster Presbyterian Church


About the Series

Watch the video below to learn more about all three events and why we're offering the series.



You'll learn how to apply a new integrative model for recovery and prevention of depression, anxiety, and inattentiveness. Attend one event or all (please note that individual event prices will raise to $195 each after January 1).


February 15, 2019 8:30-4:00

How to Help Your Patients Overcome Depression with Natural Therapies and Mind-Body Skills

Attend This Event Only | $175


March 15, 2019 8:30-4:00

How to Help Your Patients Overcome Anxiety with Natural Therapies and Mind-Body Skills

Attend This Event Only | $175


April 19, 2019 8:30-4:00

How to Help Your Patients Overcome Attention Problems with Natural Therapies and Mind-Body Skills

Attend This Event Only | $175

Your Guides for This Series

Drs. Henry Emmons and Tim Culbert will lead most sessions throughout the day. Drs. Emmons and Culbert have spent decades refining their philosophy of integrative, evidence-based treatments that nurture the body, mind, and heart. They are passionate about teaching other practitioners how to confidently create a more natural, effective, and fulfilling practice for themselves and their clients.



*Earn Up to 15 CEUs

  • 8:30 am | Doors open
  • 9:00–10:30 am | Session 1: Drs. Emmons & Culbert 
  • 10:30–11:00 am | Nourishment Break with Carolyn Denton, MA, LN
  • 11:00–11:45 am | Session 2: Carolyn Denton, MA, LN
  • 11:45 am–12:00 pm | Q&A with Carolyn Denton, Dr. Emmons, & Dr. Culbert
  • 12:00–1:00 pm | Lunch provided by The Lynhall
  • 1:00–1:15 | Awakening Break with Catherine Duncan, MA, BCC
  • 1:15–2:30 pm | Session 3: Drs. Emmons & Culbert
  • 2:30–3:00 pm | Movement Break with Aimee Prasek, PhD
  • 3:00–3:30 pm | Session 4: Drs. Emmons & Culbert
  • 3:30–4:00 pm | Q&A with Drs. Emmons & Culbert

* This program has been approved by the Minnesota Board of Psychology for 15 continuing education hours (or 5 hours per day of attendance).

Presenting Partners

PrairieCare provides each individual patient they psychiatric care they truly need.  PrairieCare is devoted to offering comprehensive and integrated psychiatric services for all ages, including both inpatient and outpatient options for patient care at 8 locations across the Twin Cities metro area and southern Minnesota.  It all starts with a phone call to schedule a FREE Needs Assessment.

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The National Association of Social Workers is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world. The Minnesota Chapter (NASW-MN) currently has over 2,000 members. NASW-MN engages with its members to provide opportunities for education, connection, and leadership. As a member of NASW, social workers join a community of peers united in furthering the profession, advancing social justice, and advocating for clients and communities served.

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The Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH) is an education and family support organization that promotes positive mental health for all infants, children, adolescents and their families. MACMH hosts the nation’s largest children’s mental health conference, holds more than 30 continuing education opportunities each year, offers a variety of publications on youth mental health, and provides family coaching to help caregivers access timely services for their children.

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National Alliance on Mental Illness | Minnesota

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Henry Emmons, MD

Henry Emmons is a psychiatrist who integrates mind-body and natural therapies, mindfulness and Buddhist teachings, and compassion and insight into his clinical work. Henry developed the Resilience Training Program, which is currently offered at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. This unique program is based upon the ideas developed in his books, The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm.

Dr. Emmons' career has been animated by the desire to develop more integrative approaches to the treatment of depression and anxiety.  Henry is a sought-after presenter and a respected consultant on such topics as integrating natural and mindfulness therapies in psychiatry, building personal resilience, and personal and professional renewal.  In addition to Resilience Training, Henry has developed  “A Year of Living Mindfully” and “The Inner Life of Healers: Programs of Renewal for Health Professionals” offered through the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing.  He is also a founding board member of the International Network for Integrative Mental Health.

His essay “Insights on the Inner Life of Healers” was included in the book Living the Questions: Essays Inspired by the Work and Life of Parker J. Palmer (Jossey-Bass, 2005).

Tim Culbert, MD

Timothy Culbert, MD is a board certified developmental/behavioral pediatrician. Early in his career, Dr. Culbert got involved in mind/body skills including training and certification in both biofeedback and medical hypnosis. He later completed trainings in MBSR, Reiki, clinical aromatherapy, and functional medicine. Dr. Culbert continued to expand his knowledge of integrative medicine through a Bush Foundation Fellowship and a Kaiser Institute Fellowship for Integrative Medicine Leadership.

His diverse experiences in integrative medicine have included:

  • Co-creation of the Integrative Pediatrics Program at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota where he also served as Medical Director.
  • Authoring holistic self-care books for kids, scientific articles, and book chapters on integrative pediatrics topics.
  • Coordination for the electronic mobile application “Healing Buddies Comfort Kit,” an interactive app that teaches children about non-pharmacological pain and holistic symptom management skills.
  • Creation of an integrative therapeutics training program for nurses working in pediatric medical and mental health settings. 

Dr. Culbert teaches frequently about topics related to mind-body skills, self-regulation, technology-assisted relaxation, vitamins and supplements, gastrointestinal healing and holistic mental health.

Dr. Culbert is co-founder of Natural Mental Health and Medical Director for Integrative Medicine at PrairieCare Medical Group.

Aimee Prasek, PhD

Dr. Prasek is an integrative therapies researcher and educator. Her research work has focused on integrative healing therapies (i.e., mind-body practices and yoga) for wellbeing and to reduce symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. Her work is also focused on the utilization of technology to communicate and deliver preventive health practices in more accessible and innovative ways. She is certified in a variety of wellness systems & practices (NASM CPT, E-RYT 500, PYT-500, Healing Touch, Reiki, & group fitness).

As a boat-rocker in integrative and preventive health innovation, Dr. Prasek's work has been supported and shaped by organizations and awards such as: Stanford's Compassion and Technology Award, SOFIA public health award, the National Science Foundation, MIN-CORPS, and several research fellowships. She also served as a Dalai Lama Fellow, a highly competitive global initiative that aims to build and support a network of social innovators who skillfully blend ethics, contemplative values, and compassion into social innovation. The fellowship is personally authorized by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.


Carolyn identifies underlying physiological imbalances that contribute to chronic health issues. She understands that food is information and the body requires nutrients for direction and function. In effect, what and how we eat is the natural solution to restoring balance. For two decades, Carolyn has successfully partnered with a variety of clients to help them achieve optimal health and well being by incorporating mindful eating and meditative practices to enhance vitality and reduce stress.

Carolyn's areas of expertise include: autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, anxiety and depression, inflammatory conditions, food sensitivities and intolerances, fibromyalgia, sleep issues, perimenopause, heart health, integrative/holistic, blood sugar imbalances, insulin resistance, and skin conditions.

Carolyn delivers nutrition education programs in clinical, educational, and corporate settings. She has published articles in a variety of magazines and periodicals and wrote the nutritional content for Taking Charge of Your Health, the website of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing. She also teaches Functional Nutrition at the University of Minnesota. Carolyn holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition with an emphasis on nutrition and aging. Carolyn is currently at work on her first book, which addresses the nutritional saboteurs of health and wellbeing.

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