Resilient Remedies

Welcome to Resilient Remedies™, our premier line of natural products for a healthier body, mind, and heart. 

Why Resilient Remedies? 

One of our favorite sayings is “Less pills, more skills.” So why do we offer pills to help restore resilience? We have busy clinical practices and we know from experience that we all go through hard times; that our genetics, diet, lifestyle, and stress levels all affect our brain chemistry; and that more and more patients find medications to be either insufficiently helpful or hard to tolerate. There has to be a better way to support our brains, bodies, and biology!

Let’s be clear—we are not suggesting that natural therapies are always better than synthetic medications. But wouldn’t it make sense to prevent a problem before it arises? To seek first to understand and then remedy the root cause of a problem? To help ensure that the body works as it is supposed to while recovering from illness? Or simply to add extra support when going through an unusually hard time?

As leaders in the field of natural and integrative mental health, we use our collective wisdom and experience to curate the most targeted, science-based, and effective natural products available and to guide you to what we hope is your own naturally resilient

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