Inspiration: The Engine of Joy

Episode #10

The element for this episode is inspiration. It’s the magic of being awakened to new possibilities or feeling deeply passionate that you want to do something out of that passion. We all know inspiration can strike when we least expect it to, but perhaps there is a depth to its transcendence and interconnectedness within us that we can learn to tap into. Tune in as we talk about the five qualities of inspiration, how to avoid common pitfalls, and key ways to increase your likelihood of experiencing inspiration.


In This Episode:


  • [00:55] Inspiration and why it matters in everyday tasks
  • [05:00] The search for inspiration 
  • [11:42] The problem with dabbling excessively with inspiration
  • [15:30] The five qualities of inspiration: The first is that it is invitational and can’t be forced. The second is it has to be internalized (essential to sustain you during dry spells).
  • [20:30] The remaining three qualities of inspiration: Unrestrained, transcendent, and cyclical. 


Key Takeaways:


  • The more inspiration you have, the more internal drive and purpose you have to be motivated in everyday work.
  • One of the pitfalls with inspiration is when you only rely on others to get it; that’s just not a reliable source. It is transcendent in how it comes to us, either from within us or from beyond us.
  • You can increase your likelihood of being inspired by being open to new experiences, practicing positive emotions, and through preparation. 


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