The Handle of Hope

Episode #2

Welcome back to the Joy Lab podcast, where we help you uncover and foster your most joyful self. Dr. Henry Emmons and Dr. Aimee Prasek are ready to bring you the ideal mix of soulful and scientifically sound tools to spark your joy. Today’s theme is all about hope. Henry and Aimee share their thoughts around hope, how to cultivate it, and what hope has to do with joy.  


In This Episode: 

  • [01:15] How to firmly keep your grip on the handle of hope. 
  • [05:45] Your right prefrontal cortex is often over active because it's being fed constantly. This activation is associated with things like anxiousness and sadness. Luckily, there are ways to combat this.  
  • [12:15] Joy is accessible to everyone. However, there are many obstacles. Here’s what might be impacting your joy.  
  • [20:45] How to open yourself up to more hope by believing that change is possible.  
  • [26:40] A poem about the human condition.  


Key Takeaways: 

  • Joy is natural, and it's accessible to everyone. 
  • You are not a prisoner of your past; you can heal.  
  • What you put into your body and the lifestyle that you choose to live will directly impact the joy that you feel.  
  • You are not a victim of your genes. Even with a family history of mental health issues, you can find healing.