Week 7: Emotional Storms

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Finding Refuge in Life's Storms. 


Whether they are outside of our control, or self-created, we all need a port in a storm. We will talk about how, when things are simply overwhelming, we can have the means to ride it out.

Integrative psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Fallon, will also be joining in for this talk.

For the Kiddos

The last part of the resilience talk will dive into support for kids and parents.

One key for all of us as we deal with the ongoing stress and anxiety associated with COVID-19 is to manage the arousal level of our nervous system. In the pandemic situation, with so many stressors, it's easy to get stuck in a high arousal level with a fight, flight, or bite response much of the day. This is hard on the mind, body, and spirit. We'll explore some nervous system basics and techniques to rebalance to a more relaxed state.

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