Week 8: Heartfulness & Hope

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An Open Heart. 

Many of us have the sense that the coronavirus has changed some things permanently. How can we face the future, even shape it, with hope and an open heart?

Kaia Svien, M.S., will join us for this talk.

For the Kiddos

The last part of the resilience talk will dive into support for kids and parents.

Building self-esteem in children gets a lot of attention, however fostering a sense of self-compassion is likely a more important life skill. To create connection and cope with the disappointments, frustrations, and an emotionally reactive environment (particularly during COVID-19) requires the ability to cultivate love, compassion, and kindness for ourselves and for others. We'll talk about some basics on love and kindness for children of all ages.

Accompany the Resilience Talk with Our Mind-Body Classes

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