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Resilient Remedies is a curated line of professional grade supplements to assist you on your wellness journey.

The Resilient Remedies line of supplements was created from our passion for a more integrative approach to support the health of the brain and body.

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We need the proper nutrients in order for our brain-body system to function at its best.

The food we consume is our first approach, however, the modern diet does not supply all of the necessary nutrients as it once did. This is where supplementation comes in. 

A healthy, whole-food diet combined with high-quality supplements can help put us on the path to more optimal health.

We know that purchasing supplements can be complicated.


There is a dizzying amount of supplements on the market. Most vary in quality and effectiveness, yet they all promise results. There’s no shortage of stories about the adulterated and subpar supplements that only offer a fraction of the ingredient potency or contain cheap fillers or other concerning contaminants.

There’s also a common message in the wellness world that more supplements are better (more supplements = better health). We disagree. We believe that wise use of a limited amount of supplements, most taken for just a limited amount of time, is the wisest and most beneficial approach. 


Our goal is to help you confidently choose the targeted (generally short-term) and foundational (used more consistently) supplements to uniquely support you.

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We offer only the highest-quality, professional-grade supplements that we have used in our clinical practices for decades.

Supplements are just that: supplements. They must supplement other lifestyle behaviors to create the most optimal results. 

That’s why we offer only the highest-quality, professional-grade supplements that we have used in our clinical practices for decades. We want to forge a level of trust that shows you how much we believe natural approaches are the future of better mental healthcare and how we can serve you better.

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Energized Mood

Energized Mood provides the ingredients your brain needs to help make several mood-supporting brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

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Adapt includes micronutrients and herbs formulated to balance cortisol and DHEA levels, strengthen the body’s stress response, and support healthy energy levels.

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Soothed Mood

Soothed Mood provides nutrients needed for serotonin and GABA. It may help reduce day-to-day agitations, promote restful sleep, and can help support a healthy mood.

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Steady Mood

Steady Mood utilizes lithium orotate to promote a healthy outlook and emotional balance by supporting the brain's natural detoxification process and balance of neurotransmitters.

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Stress Support

Stress Support is a blend of nutrients & herbs that promote cortisol balance to help combat the negative effects of stress, such as mental & physical fatigue, nervous tension, irritability, & poor memory.

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Relaxed Mood

Relaxed Mood provides virtually everything your brain needs to make serotonin. It can help calm an anxious mood and nervousness and may improve sleep.

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