NMH Winterize Your Brain Kit | Natural Support for Seasonal Affective Disorder


When the dreary darkness of winter descends, rise up to meet it and defeat it with our Winterize Your Brain Kit. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) challenges many in the colder, darker months. The WYB Kit helps you overcome the gloom with vital supplements and tools that work to diminish the SAD and increase the happy.


Smile At Winter

Take six minutes to learn how our Winterize Your Brain Resilience Kit can improve sleep, boost energy and generally help you smirk at the blues. Drs. Emmons & Culbert shed light on SAD.


It's not too late to Winterize Your Brain!


1: Lighten Up



Vitamin D3

Your kit includes one bottle of Resilient RemediesTM Illuminate (5000 IU per softgel). Vitamin D supports many functions in the body, including mood, brain, immunity, bone, and heart health.

2: Stress Less



Adaptogen Herbs

Your kit includes one bottle of Resilient RemediesTM Adapt. Adapt includes adaptogens- broadly beneficial, very safe, and well-tolerated herbs- that support major systems in the body, including the adrenal-stress system. Most people find them gently energizing and supportive of mood without causing agitation.

3: B Better



Activated B-Complex

 Your kit includes one bottle of Resilient RemediesTM Activate. B vitamins can help with energy, motivation, and mood by making it easier to keep up with the demand for serotonin and dopamine. Check out Dr. Emmons article to learn more about serotonin and the chemistry of SAD.

4: Heaven Scent



Uplifting Aromatherapy Inhaler

Aromatherapy is a surprisingly effective and safe tool you can use throughout the day to naturally support your energy and mood. Your Uplifting Aromatherapy Inhaler is an extra-portable way to get a boost when you need it. Just take a sniff, put it back in your pocket, and go!

5: Happy Habits



Pathways to Joy Practices

The Pathways to Joy CD guides you through nine mind-body skills practices. Three are particularly great to begin immediately with your kit and the remaining pair perfectly with your BONUS book (see below!). You can also access and download the practices in your Digital Kit (see below!).

BONUS: Making Joy Convenient



Digital Kit

Your digital kit provides downloadable versions of all your mind-body skills practices and information guides.

BONUS: Take It Easy



Supplement Organizer

Fill your organizer every evening with your supplements, place your organizer on top of your phone (side tip: get your phone out of the bedroom!), and you'll be more likely to remember to take them in the morning.

BONUS: Because It's Science



The Chemistry of Joy

Now that you've got the ingredients to support your mood during these dark winter months, cuddle up with this book to learn how you can support your chemistry during every season.

Get Un-SAD This Winter

The Winterize Your Brain Kit

This is the essential toolbox to a better, brighter, and far less SAD winter. Give your body and mind the support they need to see winter in a renewed, resilient, and refreshed light.

Kits are limited, so order yours before the winter winds blow.


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