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Joy is within reach.

What is Joy Lab? Watch the video above to learn more about the Joy Lab Program and how we're all wired for joy. 

We'll Help You Uncover and Sustain Your Joy 

Joy is not the opposite of depression. It’s also not the same thing as happiness. Joy runs deeper than any feeling. It’s more enduring, and it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

Joy is a state of being where you feel peaceful, secure, and supported by something beyond your mind or your own efforts to feel good. That state of joy is within you right now and Joy Lab helps you uncover it.

The Joy Lab program is an evidence-based, self-guided online program that guides you through the 12 Elements of Joy. You'll work to boost these elements in your daily life in realistic ways. These elements create a strong foundation that can support your mood in meaningful ways, invite more ease into your days, and that work to uncover and sustain your most natural, joyful state of being. 

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Joy is your nature. 

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The Joy Lab Program

Connect with what matters most.

Joy Lab applies the latest science, infused with soul to help uncover your most joyful life.  

No matter how you might be feeling today, we believe that you are not broken and that you do not need fixing. At Joy Lab, our focus is to embrace our most authentic self, while infusing more of the positive, life-giving inner states that fuel wellbeing in big ways. In your Joy Lab Program, you'll learn how to:

  • Loosen the grip of thoughts that are not serving you.
  • Apply mindfulness for change in ways that are authentic for you.
  • Have a dialogue with your wisest, most compassionate self.

It’s time to uncover your joy and step into your authentic self.


Elements of Joy

At Joy Lab, you'll work to cultivate the Elements of Joy. These are emotions, practices, and inner states that are strong predictors of good mental health. These elements also fuel joy, and [bonus!] they work to support your entire mind-body system. That means when you boost these elements, choosing other behaviors like healthy eating and exercising can become easier.


Podcast Mini-Lessons

Key episodes of the Joy Lab podcast serve as introductory lessons designed to spark your joy. You'll find these in your Lab. You'll then benefit from a new episode every Wednesday that focuses on one of the elements of joy. We encourage folks in the Lab to stick on the same monthly schedule, which means every podcast episode will come to you at just the right time, offering extra support and insight.


Joyful Infusions

Your mind is more changeable at the opening and closing of the day. You'll harness the power for change through your AM and PM infusion experiments. These 3-5 minute meditations are part of our Mindful Redesign process, working to rewire your brain by feeding yourself the elements of joy throughout the day.


Mindful Redesign

You're wired for joy. At the same time, life  can frazzle our wiring a bit. The Joy Lab program works to rewire those healthy, joyful connections through our Mindful Redesign process. This process is a soul-spiked, scientifically-sound process that leans on the latest neuroscience research to help you reduce the power of thoughts that are no longer serving you and establish connections that foster your most well and joyful self.  


Coaching Videos

Every experiment is accompanied by a short video to guide you through the experiment and help you succeed. Most videos are led by your Joy Lab coaches, Drs. Henry Emmons and Aimee Prasek. 


Continued Access

After a few years of testing, we've found that folks want to go around the elements of joy again and again. We agree! That's why you'll get full access to your Joy Lab program without an expiration date. And even if the program retires, you'll be able to download all the content to hold onto.

Meet your coaches

Meet your coaches

Henry Emmons, MD

Hi! I’m Henry, an integrative psychiatrist who weaves together mind-body and natural therapies, mindfulness teachings, and other holistic approaches for common mental health problems like depression and anxiety. I don't think healing should stop there though. I am most interested in working with others so that we can all learn to love well and create more joyful lives.

Aimee Prasek, PhD

Hi! I’m Aimee, a digital health and integrative therapies researcher and educator. My work is fueled by the belief that we are all hard-wired for joy and it's our shared purpose to uncover and spread it. I am most interested in sharing accessible tools that help empower others to move out of suffering and uncover their own authentic, joyful self.


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Joining Joy Lab is Easy

Join anytime

You can join the Lab anytime! Over at the podcast, we focus on one element of joy every month. We encourage you to follow that schedule and stick with us, moving through one element monthly. And because it doesn't matter which element you begin with, you'll be able to jump right in, no matter what month we're talking about. You'll then cycle through the elements of joy yearly to uncover your own joy.  *Are you a rebel and want to mix it up? Don't worry, you can move through your Lab at a different pace than we suggest. 

Uncover + sustain joy

Your very first experiment will likely spark some quick goodness, but continued practice is needed to rewire your brain for joy. We believe that process actually takes about 6-12 months. That's why we believe a one-time fee is most beneficial and accessible to everyone. We want you to have access to your Lab during that time and beyond because, well, life happens. So, even if you miss a month, you can come right back in and move through your Lab.

Self-paced, but not alone

Good news! There are no live sessions to schedule or deadlines to meet in Joy Lab. That doesn't mean you're alone though. As you work through your 4 experiments each month (you can plan for about 45 minutes weekly), you'll gain a little motivational boost knowing that others are doing the same. We're listening to the podcasts and working through the experiments together, but in our own way. Folks do better when there's a shared focus like this. At the same time, you can move at your own pace, and in a way that fits your life best.

Joy Lab FAQ

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Joy is your nature.

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