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We believe you are innately resilient.

Our mission is to have you believe that too. We'll provide you with tools to help you get there and make your journey a more joyful one.


Our Mission

We believe that support for mental health is a human right. Our mission is to make integrative mental health resources more accessible, affordable, and empowering. 

Who We Serve

Natural Mental Health® is for folks who want a more natural approach to reduce chronic stress, anxiety, and depression and are looking to create new paths built on existing strengths.

What We Offer

We offer a mix of free and affordable tools that are grounded in science and inspired by soul. These are the tools to help you continually tap into your innate resilience and ignite joy.


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Listen to the Podcast

Listen in as Dr. Emmons and Dr. Prasek explain the science and soul behind vibrant mental health.

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Take the Resilience Quiz

Identify your unique strengths, what trips you up, and what keeps you in balance.

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Join the Resilient Community

Connections are a powerful predictor of good mental health. Come join our community!

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Join the Joy Lab Program

Our evidence-based, online program guides you through twelve essential elements to ignite your joy.

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Joy Lab Podcast

Let’s face it, mental health can be difficult to talk about. Listen in as Drs. Emmons and Prasek explain the science behind our behavioral patterns in ways we can all relate to. Full of anecdotes, humor, and soul, you'll get a weekly dose of encouraging and refreshing conversations to help you feel more satisfaction and joy in your life.

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Discover your Resilience Type with the Resilience Quiz

Mental health is more than a diagnosis. No matter the obstacles you're facing, there is room to build a foundation of resilience and equanimity in your day-to-day life. Our Resilience Quiz, based on decades of clinical and research experience, helps you recognize your strengths and overcome your obstacles. Make sure to download the free mini-course for tailored strategies to make your strengths even stronger. 

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The Resilient Community

Connections are a powerful predictor of good mental health. Imagine a space where you're supported, inspired, and celebrated, just by being you. You don’t have to just imagine it, you can be a part of it. Weekly challenges and conversation spaces help you take inspired action to create small, yet meaningful changes. Bonus: Your support of the Community keeps the Joy Lab podcast free of intrusive ads and contributes to our public mental health mission. Thank you for your support!

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Joy Lab Program

Joy is not the same thing as happiness. It’s also not the opposite of depression. Joy runs deeper than any feeling and it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Join the Joy Lab Program to tap into your own enduring and authentic state of joy.

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We know purchasing supplements can be complicated. That’s why we’ve partnered with Fullscript to offer you the highest-quality supplements available. Create an account to gain access to professional-grade supplements and a wide array of wellness products. You'll also get a special Natural Mental Health discount!

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Resilient Remedies CBD

Calm your mind, sleep better at night, and restore your natural resilience with our professional-grade CBD gummies.

Gluten free. THC free. Vegan. Non-GMO. 30mg CBD per serving. Always free shipping!

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