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Why take the Resilience Type Quiz?


Simply put, we are not all built alike. We each have our unique road to resilience, our own pathway to joy. Based on decades of clinical experience, we've created a model of resilience that is both helpful and practical. True to our approach at Natural Mental Health, we start with strengths.

You'll identify these strengths in your Resilience Type. Your Resilience Type is an acknowledgment that resilience is your nature and that, no matter what, you are not broken. Your Resilience Type highlights your unique strengths, what fuels your joy, what keeps you in balance, and the lifestyle practices that most nourish you.

Most individuals fall into one of six different Resilience Types. You'll find your Type and learn about the other types in your free mini-course.  

Each Resilience Type is also associated with common obstacles that can stand in the way of more optimal wellbeing. Understanding your Type, along with your common obstacles, allow you to tailor your mind-body health practices so that when stress or mood struggles hit, you can more quickly return to your most natural, resilient state.



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