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Social media can be toxic for our mood and energy. However, there are bits that can be beneficial. This is a space where only those bits exist. Expect to check-in briefly, get a boost, learn something new, and then head out the virtual door to tap into your joy and resilience IRL.

Weekly Challenges

Each week we create a special challenge just for our Community members (you!). Completing these challenges offers you practical and meaningful skills to boost your resilience and joy. 

Me Time

Feeling "meh?" Need a boost? This circle offers stories, experiences, and examples of what is good in the world. ME actually stands for "moral elevation" and checking in or sharing your own experiences in this circle can offer quick mood boosts that can change the tone of your day. 


As a member of the community, you'll get exclusive access to the meditations we mention in the Joy Lab podcast. These link up with the joy and resilience-boosting convos we're digging into at the podcast, in effect amplifying what you hear with another simple tool to support your mental health in meaningful ways. 

The Joy Lab Program

The Joy Lab program is an evidence-based, self-guided online program that guides you through the 12 Elements of Joy. You'll work to boost these elements in your daily life in realistic ways. These elements create a strong foundation that can support your mood in meaningful ways, invite more ease into your days, and that work to uncover and sustain your most natural, joyful state of being.

Sleeping Well Workshop

Join in with integrative psychiatrist Dr. Emmons and integrative nutritionist Carolyn Denton for a comprehensive workshop that aims to help you sleep better, boost your mood, enhance your energy, and build your resilience. Look for more workshops in late 2024!

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  • Join an online community that is fully focused on igniting more joy and resilience.¬†
  • Find lots of¬†resilient & joyful resources to support your mental health in meaningful ways. Scroll above if you missed all the goodies!
  • Big bonus: You'll be an essential part of our¬†public mental health mission. We're committed to keeping our podcast free of intrusive ads and fully-focused on improving the mental health of our global community.¬†
  • You can cancel at any time.

Note: We may adjust member resources based on feedback and other variables. It won't be a surprise though, we'll always let you know if a change is coming. 

Ignite your joy and resilience

... and spread it.

Joy is accessible to everyone, no matter what. Resilience is also our natural state. We're on a mission to make sure everyone hears those messages of hope and can access resources to help them make it a reality. 

That's where you come in.

Joining the NMH Community gives you access to powerful resources to support your mental health and it keeps resources like our Joy Lab podcast free and accessible so we can create a global community that is more joyful and more resilient.


Meet your Community Hosts


Henry Emmons, MD

I like to be thought of as the Bon Jovi of psychiatry, but my team thinks I’m more like Mr. Rogers. We compromised with Alanis Morissette (cause she released her meditation album last year… and isn’t that ironic). I can live with that! You’ll see me over in the Sleep Workshop and other surprise visits in the Community.


Aimee Prasek, PhD

If Henry is Alanis Morissette, then I’m a grown-up Ada Twist, Scientist. I’ll get you excited about our Joy Lab podcast and testing hypotheses over in our Challenges. And you can bet I’ll encourage you to always stay curious about your extraordinary self. 


Carolyn Denton, MA, LN

Imagine Bill Nye the science guy meets Samin Nosrat… that’s me! I’m here to feed your mind with delicious nutrition education that is—get this—radically sensible! You will find me over in the Community workshops and other surprise visits.


Lorri Weisen, Health Coach

If Anthony Bourdain was a health coach, well that would be me. I travel around the country full-time searching out and sharing what’s joyful in this world. I’ll be your travel guide, backup dancer, and soulful cheerleader in the Community.

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Imagine a place you could go, any time you choose, where joy is the norm. Where folks support, encourage, and uplift each other with kindness and grace, and where you receive evidence-based information to help you be your most resilient self.

Don't just imagine it. Experience it. 



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