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Learning to Love Well: Be More Permeable

Episode #23

In this episode, Henry and Aimee talk about that third lesson of loving well: Be more permeable. What does that mean? Being more permeable means to soften our defenses a bit, to let emotions in, and to also let them out again. To be really alive, we have to be open and let all of life flow in and through us. Listen in to gather insight on how to do that and how you're completely equipped for it.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Organisms, like humans, cannot wall themselves off and still thrive... or even survive. Our emotional lives are the same. We cannot remain healthy while ignoring or stuffing emotions down.  
  • When we're closed off, we may think we're keeping out just the bad "stuff." But, this shutting down and closing off blocks the good stuff too.
  • Vulnerability and oversharing are different! 
  • We can infuse life-giving qualities and intentions (the 12 elements of joy!) as we attend to the painful and the joyful. This state of intentional-attention are particularly good at helping us navigate tough times more smoothly and getting out of ruts more quickly.
  • As Rilke stated: Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. 
  • You are resilient and interconnected. During beautiful times and times of terror. Just keep going.  


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