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#1: A Joyful Life is Natural

Are you ready to uncover and foster your most joyful self? Dr. Henry Emmons, MD, is an author and an integrative psychiatrist with over three decades of experience. Dr. Aimee Prasek, PhD, is a researcher and educator in integrative mental health therapies. Together they have created JoyLab, an ideal mix of soulful and scientifically sound tools to spark your joy. Join Dr. Emmons and Dr. Prasek in their first episode of the JoyLab Podcast as they introduce you to their science based, soul-filled program to help you build resilience and create a more joyful life. They will discuss the explosive rise in anxiety and depression and why the standard approach to treating mental health issues may not be working. Tune in and begin to connect science and soul to learn key positive emotions and begin to uncover your joy.



In This Episode:

  • [01:00] Dr. Emmons and Dr. Prasek explain the science and soul involved in the online JoyLab program.
  • [3:11] Why do we need something like JoyLab right now? Dr. Emmons discusses the explosive rise in anxiety and depression and the JoyLab approach to uncover Joy.
  • [9:44] It’s possible to feel joyful even in the midst of dealing with a problem. Joy is not just an emotion. It is a state of being.
  • [14:30] The four pillars that make up JoyLab.



Key Takeaways:

  • Joy is not the opposite of depression. It is different from happiness and runs deeper than any feeling.
  • Joy can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Joy is not just an emotion. It is a peaceful and natural state of being that is woven into our nature.
  • The JoyLab program connects science and soul to help uncover joy.


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