About Natural Mental Health

Greetings and welcome to Natural Mental Health (NMH)! We offer trusted information and holistic supplements and products to help individuals of all ages optimize their mental health and build resilience in mind, body, and heart.

Our NMH team includes our NMH founders and integrative health pioneers, Drs. Henry Emmons and Tim Culbert. Henry and Tim are excited to share their combined wisdom from nearly six decades of experience with natural and holistic approaches to mental health. We're also lucky to have the experience and energy of Dr. Aimee Prasek, a wellbeing and integrative therapies educator and researcher.

Our work at NMH is driven by a belief that within each person, there is a powerful, innate capacity for self-healing that can be activated by the right kind of attention and support. We understand that each person is unique and complex, with many factors to consider when it comes to sustaining a vibrant sense of well-being. This understanding grounds our work so that we can offer you more empowering and effective resources that are real-world relevant.

It is with great joy, gratitude, and hope that we invite you to explore NMH. Please reach out to us if you have any comments or questions!

NMH Values & Vision

Though we like to have fun at NMH, we're fully-focused on serving folks in effective and meaningful ways. Learn more about our values, mission, and vision >>> 

Meet The Team

The NMH team has decades of combined experience committed to helping folks create optimal health in body, mind, and heart. Check out our work >>>

Resilient Remedies

Resilient Remedies™ is our premier line of natural products for a healthier body, mind, and heart. Learn more about the goal of these products >>> 


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