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Why Natural Mental Health?

We believe natural approaches are the future of better mental healthcare. What do we mean by natural? In many ways, natural just means a more personalized approach that’s in-tune with what a full system (body, mind, and heart) needs to thrive. It’s also grounded on one truth:

Within each person there is a powerful, innate capacity for self-healing that can be activated by the right kind of attention and support. 

We focus on empowering, scientifically sound methods to ignite that self-healing. We hope you believe that you have that innate capacity- even if it appears dim right now. We hope you’ll continue to offer yourself the effort, trusting that you can catch bigger glimpses of this truth and continue working until that light shines bright on your path. 

We’ll be here to walk beside you and support you the best we can. 


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About the NMH Team

We've got a team slightly obsessed with helping people integrate more natural and empowering resilience practices into their daily lives. Learn about us below.

Henry Emmons, MD | Integrative Psychiatrist

CEO, Co-Founder | NMH

Henry Emmons, MD is an integrative psychiatrist who weaves together mind-body and natural therapies, mindfulness teachings, and other holistic approaches for common mental health problems like depression and anxiety. He practices with Partners in Resilience in Minneapolis, and is a co-founder of Natural Mental Health, offering trusted information and holistic products to help individuals of all ages optimize their mental health and build resilience in mind, body, and spirit.

Henry is a sought-after presenter and a respected consultant on such topics as integrating natural and mindfulness therapies in psychiatry, the interface between spirituality and mental health, and personal and professional renewal. He has developed several transformational programs, including A Year of Living Mindfully and The Inner Life of Healers through the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing; Resilience Training at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing; and Pathways to Joy with Natural Mental Health.  He is also a founding board member of the International Network for Integrative Mental Health.

Henry is the author of four books:

Tim Culbert, MD | Integrative Pediatrician

Co-Founder | NMH

Timothy Culbert, MD is a board certified developmental/behavioral pediatrician. Early in his career, Dr. Culbert got involved in mind/body skills including training and certification in both biofeedback and medical hypnosis. He later completed trainings in MBSR, Reiki, clinical aromatherapy, and functional medicine. Dr. Culbert continued to expand his knowledge of integrative medicine through a Bush Foundation Fellowship and a Kaiser Institute Fellowship for Integrative Medicine Leadership.

His diverse experiences in integrative medicine have included:

  • Co-creation of the Integrative Pediatrics Program at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota where he also served as Medical Director.
  • Authoring holistic self-care books for kids, scientific articles, and book chapters on integrative pediatrics topics.
  • Coordination for the electronic mobile application “Healing Buddies Comfort Kit,” an interactive app that teaches children about non-pharmacological pain and holistic symptom management skills.
  • Creation of an integrative therapeutics training program for nurses working in pediatric medical and mental health settings. 

Dr. Culbert teaches frequently about topics related to mind-body skills, self-regulation, technology-assisted relaxation, vitamins and supplements, gastrointestinal healing and holistic mental health.

Dr. Culbert is co-founder of Natural Mental Health and Medical Director for Integrative Medicine at PrairieCare Medical Group.

Aimee Prasek, PhD | Digital Health Researcher


Dr. Prasek is an integrative therapies researcher and educator, focused on the use of technology solutions to reduce symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. Her expertise and in-the-field work is particularly centered around the use of online programs to communicate and deliver mental health practices in more accessible ways. Dr. Prasek is also an innovator in digital intervention design, creating one of few design models that both health professionals and organizations can use to create and deliver leaner and more effective digital health programs (more on that here). 

Her research and practice is also bolstered by an MA in Health Communications and an MA in Holistic Health Studies, and she is certified in a variety of wellness systems & practices (NASM CPT, E-RYT 500, PYT-500, Healing Touch, Reiki, & group fitness). Her work has been supported and shaped by organizations and awards such as: Stanford's Compassion and Technology Award, SOFIA public health award, the National Science Foundation, MIN-CORPS, and several research fellowships. She also served as a Dalai Lama Fellow, a global initiative that aims to build and support a network of social innovators who skillfully blend ethics, contemplative values, and compassion into social innovation. The fellowship is personally authorized by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

When Dr. Prasek isn't chasing her toddler around with her husband, you can usually find her outside with her pups and chickens, digging in the dirt and growing food.

Elena Hollenhorst | Multidisciplinary Artist

Communications & Community Consultant | NMH

Elena Hollenhorst is a professional dancer, choreographer, yoga instructor, and multidisciplinary artist who also works under the titles of writer, nutritional researcher, photographer, and recipe creator. She is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher (RYT200) and holds a BFA in Dance from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Elena's creative works can be seen in Minnesota and abroad. She is the founder of Peasful Plate, a holistic web platform that advocates a plant-based vegan diet and other wellness practices. Her work aims to bring people together, engage in thoughtful conversations, and empower individuals to lead more healthy, peaceful, and compassionate lives.

Lorri Weisen | Wellness Product Expert

Natural Products & Business Consultant | NMH

Lorri Weisen is a natural products expert, certified nutritional Health Coach, writer, entrepreneur, and full time explorer. She has created, owned, and operated several businesses over a span of 25 years including a mid-size hair salon, a booth at the Minnesota State Fair, and an organic and toxin-free hair care line. She is passionate about creating strong foundations and structure—whether that be on a professional or personal level—and loves teaching others how to empower themselves. After witnessing her husband suffer for over 10 years with multiple cancers and its complications, she became a Health Coach after his death and dedicated her life to helping others live good and healthy lives via a mind, body, spirit approach. Lorri is the founder of The Nomadic Health Coach and is currently road tripping full time across America the beautiful and Canada—exploring, experiencing, and sharing what's good: Good health - good adventures - good life.

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Patricia Ronning | Clinical Aromatherapist

Original Founder of Healing Alchemy

Patricia Ronning has more than 25 years of experience working with essential oils and their restorative, non-invasive, and natural healing qualities. She began working with essential oils at Aveda, creating aromatherapeutic aromas for hair and skincare. Patricia received her clinical aromatherapy certificate through Jane Buckle, London, and completed graduate courses through Aromahead Institute. Patricia started a Natural Perfumery/Aromatherapy Company in 1994 and currently serves as a natural perfumer and Clinical aromatherapist with Intelligent Nutrients.

Patricia has her Masters of Liberal Arts and a Minor from the Center of Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota. Her thesis was on American Health Care for the 21st Century: Collaborative Healing through Compassion, Self-Awareness and Science. Her interests lie in bringing complementary health care awareness and benefits to children and adults, which was the impetus to starting Healing Alchemy Aromatherapy.

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Books by Drs Emmons & Culbert

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