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Why Gratitude is Good (and Gratefulness is Great)

Episode #8

Today, we’re diving into the goodness of gratefulness that’s not based solely on circumstances. In this episode, we’ll look at the scientific benefits of gratitude and how it can transform your life. Join Joy Lab hosts, Dr. Henry Emmons and Dr. Aimee Prasek, as they share a fresh perspective on the power of gratitude and gratefulness.


In This Episode:

  • [02:35] The scientific benefits of gratitude  
  • [08:00] Two essential parts of being grateful
  • [09:16] What gratitude is not 
  • [13:30] Five guiding principles for making gratefulness into our way of life
  • [20:58] Addressing toxic positivity 
  • [22:40] The difficulty and power of practicing gratitude in times of loss and pain


Key Takeaways:

  • There’s a difference between a momentary feeling of thankfulness in response to something good coming our way and a habit of gratitude that is woven into how you live. 
  • Toxic positivity and gratitude are not the same thing. Gratitude is meant to be expressed alongside our emotions, even when experiencing loss and grief.
  • A habit of gratitude is developed as we learn to savor the ordinary moments in life and appreciate everything that we have.

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