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37. Meditation with Music: Sympathetic Joy Meditation

This meditation is a surprisingly helpful tool to shift mood and perspective. If you're not sure what sympathetic joy is, head to our last episode, number 36, before or after this. But, the short version is that we're sharing in each other's joy with this element of sympathetic joy and this meditation will help you do just that. This meditation is also a bit of a taste of how we work in the Joy Lab program, so please join us over there for more tools to uncover your most joyful self. 


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Key Takeaways:

  • Like working with any system or tool, you need to practice. Use this meditation to practice seeing and taking in more joy.
  • It's really true...there is a lot of joy around you and in you. Once you see more of it, you'll feel more of it, and you'll share more of it. 


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