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40. You Don’t Need to Be Fixed

Perhaps you're tuning in as we move into this new year. Have you set any resolutions yet? Whether or not you have, we'd like to suggest you put one resolution on the top of your list. Here it is:

Resolution #1: I don't need to be fixed. 

Yup. That's the resolution that will actually fuel more inspiration and positive changes than any other one we can think of. Aren't convinced? Tune into this episode to learn why this kind of strength-based foundation brews up inspiration and sustains positive changes that you want to create in your life. And be sure to head over to our free Resilience Quiz to identify your Resilience Type. It's a powerful tool to help you with this resolution and to move forward from a place of strength.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Starting from a place of strength (that we don't need to be fixed) creates a broadening effect in our minds. We're able to see more opportunities, problem-solve obstacles more efficiently, be gentler with ourselves, and stay more motivated to stick with our inspired goals. 
  • Negative emotions are not bad, but when we hang on to them too long, they create constriction in our mind and body. We're not as able to tap into our creativity, inspiration, motivation, and more when negative emotions close us up.
  • We are more than our pathology and/or labels. 
  • Discover your Resilience Type with our free Resilience Quiz to help streamline your activities and come back to balance. This is a powerful tool that helps you create positive changes from a place of strength. 


Links Mentioned:

  • Joy Lab Program (step-by-step practices to help you build and maintain the elements of joy in your life)
  • Free Resilience Quiz to identify your Resilience Type and learn the personalized lifestyle strategies that can support you best (including diet, exercise, supplements, and mind-body practices to support sleep, stress management, and mood). 
  • Joy Lab podcast episode 10 (Inspiration: The Engine of Joy)