43. Harmonious vs. Obsessive Passions

In this episode, we're working on our element of Inspiration by looking at our passions more closely...

Harmonious passions are just like inspiration, they fuel us in nourishing and creative ways. Obsessive passions are quite the opposite. They're associated with negative emotions and rigidity.

It's important to understand the difference between these, how they might show up in your life and how you can recalibrate or make a change if your passion has taken hold of you in a way that depletes your mental and physical health.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Harmonious passions are good for mental and physical health. The key is that we feel nourished by them and we feel in control. 
  • Obsessive passions are depleting for us. They also feel like responsibilities that control us. 
  • We can recalibrate our passions in healthier ways.
  • Strategies to recalibrate your passions and stoke inspiration: 
    • Try backing off of an activity that feels like it has a hold on you and feels depleting. Creating some space may reignite that harmonious spark for you.
    • Explore a new passion. Try something new that feels exciting and fun to you. 


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