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Our mission is only possible with help from compassionate folks like you. Thank you for your interest, generosity, and support to spread joy and resilience all across this planet. There are several small, but really impactful ways you can join in (and bonus... all those small ways offer you resilience-boosting perks as well!). Tap the button below to join in.

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Sponsor the podcast! Joy Lab’s unique and powerful program integrates concepts of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral techniques, the science of mindfulness, and the wisdom of one's soul. It’s a surprisingly real-world relevant approach to not only support your mood and calm anxiousness, but to help you uncover and nurture your joy while reconnecting with your deepest self.

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Joining the Resilient Community gives you access to powerful resources to support your mental health and it keeps resources like our Joy Lab podcast free and accessible so we can create a global community that is more joyful and more resilient.

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The Joy Lab program is an evidence-based, self-guided online program that guides you through the 12 Elements of Joy. You'll work to boost these elements in your daily life in realistic ways. These elements create a strong foundation that can support your mood in meaningful ways, invite more ease into your days, and that work to uncover and sustain your most natural, joyful state of being.  

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Ways to support the Joy Lab Podcast

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