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Joy Lab is on a mission to make more empowering and effective mental health tools accessible for all. We believe that with the right kind of support (like what we offer here), we can all tap into our most resilient self. Those individual sparks of resilience can create a rapid transformation for the wellbeing of all of us on this blue marble. This is a big mission that needs the co-creation and support from purposeful organizations and wise individuals (like you!). We hope you'll join us on this global mission to ignite more joy and resilience. See below for how you can join in.

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Sponsor or Support the

Joy Lab Podcast

Sponsor the podcast! Joy Lab’s unique and powerful program integrates concepts of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral techniques, the science of mindfulness, and the wisdom of one's soul. It’s a surprisingly real-world relevant approach to not only support your mood and calm anxiousness, but to help you uncover and nurture your joy while reconnecting with your deepest self.

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The Joy Lab podcast serves a diverse audience of folks who are interested in mental health and wellbeing. They are conscientious and curious individuals who want to support organizations that care about their employees and communities. If that sounds like a match for your org, then reach out with the form below. Please note that our sponsorship packages vary and are co-created with each org to amplify reach across our channels.

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