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Meet Your Resilience Retreat Guides
Live Class & Weekly Agendas

Calm in the Time of Coronavirus.

A free online retreat to help us build individual and community resilience during this stressful time.


Retreat runs through May 20 & You Can Join in Anytime. 

Live Talks Every Wednesday @ 7pm CT, Led by Henry Emmons, MD


Bonus! Resilience Resources for Parents & Kids led by Tim Culbert, MD.  
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What We'll Do Each Week


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A weekly focus helps create a calm state & wise action.

You'll learn about & apply the focus throughout the week.

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Live talks to explore the focus & how it boosts resilience.

Talks are every Wednesday @ 7pm CT. Replays available!

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Meditations, tai chi, yoga, & other mind-body practices.

Live practices + extra resources to apply the focus.

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Conversations to support a resilient community.

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How to Participate

  1. Sign up for email support. It's totally optional, but will help you stay on track with the retreat. 
  2. Tune in for the Live Talk on Wednesdays & additional mind-body practices throughout the week. See the weekly agendas to pick the week and see class options.
  3. Watch live classes at our Facebook page and here on our website. You can find the live classes near the top of any of the Weekly Retreat Pages. The live class will start automatically on the page when we go live. There's also a live class feed below.
  4. Visit weekly pages to access replays of classes. See the Weekly Agendas to find classes.
  5. Hang out with us at FacebookPinterestTwitter, & Instagram. for extra support.
  6. If you need a more tailored experience to support your mood, visit the Pathways to Joy program. You can move through that program with this one!

Resilience Retreat Emails

Monday emails will help you start the week strong and give you a glimpse of what's coming up. Wednesday emails offer a motivation boost and a reminder to join in for the live talk. 

Question? Comment?

Please reach out & we'll get back to you ASAP.

Please Note: This program is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you're in a crisis, call the NAMI helpline 800-950-6264 or text NAMI to 741741. Visit NAMI for more >>>


New weekly content added weekly. Click on a week below to dive in or catch up.

Note that schedules may change, so check your program emails or check back here weekly!

Week 1: The Illusion of Separation
Week 2: Resilient Sleep...zzz...
Week 3: Resilient Diet & Movement
Week 4: The Nature of the Mind
Week 5: Being with Difficult Emotions
Week 6: Grief & Resilience
Week 7: Emotional Storms
Week 8: Heartfulness & Hope

Starts 5/18

We Are Resilient.