The Roots of Resilience

Episode #13

We’re all wired for resilience. It’s built into all living systems, from a single cell to dynamic global systems. And none of us would be here if we didn't have it. But, have you wondered why we all have different levels of resilience and how it can be boosted? In this episode, we explore what resilience means, how to protect your resilience, how to get it back if it's been depleted, and even how to grow it to a level you might not have thought you could get to. 



  • [03:34] What does resilience mean and why do so many people struggle with it?
  • [11:30] Aimee explains the term Ordinary Magic and the research behind it. 
  • [14:50] Key factors to boost your resilience. 
  • [18:32] Restoring resilience through our model, The Roots of Resilience.
  • [24:20] Emotional reactivity and how it's related to depression.


Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone has a different level of resilience and it’s determined by three primary things: genetics, early childhood, and current stress. 
  • The Roots of Resilience include: Balancing brain chemistry, managing energy, aligning with nature, calming your mind, turning toward the feeling, cultivating a good heart, and creating deep connections.
  • It is never too late to learn the skills or support others so that our natural resilience can take the lead.


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