Five Pathways to Inner Calm

Episode #12

Feeling stressed lately? Our stress responses are being activated by a lot of stressors floating around lately. Activation is generally fine (and can be good stress!), as long as it recedes in a reasonable amount of time. If that doesn’t happen, we can really lock ourselves into a chronic state of stress. Here’s where equanimity can come in. In this episode, we explore equanimity (we also like to call it inner calm), the science behind it, and how it has been sought after throughout human history. We share some learnings from those quests and five pathways to experiment with to help ease our stress responses and bring more equanimity back into our lives–even after just a single equanimity practice. 



  • [03:18] What is equanimity? 
  • [04:48] Henry’s experience with equanimity.
  • [08:03] Aimee’s experience with equanimity.
  • [15:23] Science of equanimity and its payoffs for our minds and bodies.
  • [22:29]  Five pathways to inner calm and equanimity.



  • Equanimity is defined as an even-minded mental state where clear action can come from. It is not the same as indifference or apathy.
  • Stress is not a bad thing, it is a normal and healthy reaction. But it is essential that we learn to respond to it in more healthy ways. 
  • Individuals taught practices that helped them cultivate equanimity respond more calmly to a stressor and rebound more quickly compared to individuals who have not engaged in an equanimity practice.