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29. Backdraft: When Being Good to Yourself Feels Bad

In this episode, Aimee is talking about an interesting obstacle to self-compassion: Backdraft. Just to note, this isn't about the 1991 movie, Backdraft (though who doesn't love a De Niro flick?!). Instead, we're talking about a fire science term that psychology also uses to describe a pretty uncomfortable feeling that can arise when we open ourselves up and let in some self-compassion. Listen in for how this phenomenon takes shape and three tips to ease it so you can continue practicing this essential element of self-compassion. 


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Key Takeaways:

  • Love reveals anything unlike itself... the brain is wired to present all the ways we haven't been compassionate.
  • We have been trained to be hard on ourselves. That means it's logical if backdraft is coming up for you. The only antidote is self-compassion. 
  • Note that if you're experiencing a lot of backdraft, it is important to get support from a practitioner or trusted individual who can help you through. 
  • Three tips to consider to help ease backdraft: 
    • Stop, then yield.
    • Feel it to heal it. 
    • Name it to tame it.


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