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32. Gratitude in the Wild: Choose Wisely

In this episode, we're talking about the element of Gratitude and the third of our strategies to put it into practice (see the first and second strategies in episodes #30 and #31, respectively). This strategy of "Choosing Wisely" may sound boring or cliche (for example: Are you sick of #gratitude posts?), but this is where gratitude hits the real world and where we take action. And as we take actions that flex our gratitude muscles, we'll get stronger in this element and shift our default toward more grateful living. 

p.s. We're grateful you're here with us at the Joy Lab! 


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Key Takeaways:

  • Letting our wise mind weigh in allows us to make healthier choices more easily, more often. That's the power of our see what is, accept what is, choose wisely process.
  • The power of habit energy... and gratitude energy. We can rely on our love of habits to create a new pattern/habit of gratitude that fuels itself.
  • Gratitude practice idea: Whenever you're receiving customer service, apply the see what is, accept what is, choose wisely process with gratitude. 
  • Another gratitude practice idea: Try gratitude coins! And then send them off into the world to grow new things. 


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