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78. Podcourse: Depression and Anxiety Coping Skills (introduction)

In this episode, we're introducing our podcourse! This course really covers the foundation of what Joy Lab and Natural Mental Health are built on. Expect to learn key coping skills for depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. However, "coping skills" aren't where we'll stop. We'll blend science with soul and dive into the key practices to not only cope with depression, chronic stress, and anxiety but to rise above them and embrace a life of flourishing. 


📆 Mark your calendars because Joy Lab episodes will drop on both Wednesdays and Saturdays for this entire course. And don't worry, there's no prep required, and it's all absolutely FREE!

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Key bits from this episode: 

  • There are many holistic coping skills that can help you get back to baseline. We'll cover tailored diet and nutrition strategies, mood-boosting exercise tips, simple ways to support sleep, supplements to consider, and information about medication that you can discuss with your doctor if needed.

  • But that's not all! We're taking you on a journey that explores the mind and heart too. Dive deep into practices that will calm your mind, boost your resilience, and create a bigger container for life's challenges.

  • Aimee shares a bit of her path from struggling with depression to discovering the power of integrative modalities. 


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Links and Sources:

  • Resilient Community Find lots of resources to support you and you'll join a crew of inspiring people who are building their resilience and joy while also helping to keep our Joy Lab podcast in existence!
  • Joy Lab Program (step-by-step practices to help you build and maintain the elements of joy in your life).