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152. Getting Unstuck With Curiosity (encore)

In this episode, we explore the element of curiosity and how it can work to reshape our brains. We become what we think, and by changing the way we think we can reframe how we see things. Curiosity can help us see things in different, positive ways that help us reprogram our neural pathways. Tune in to this episode to explore the element of curiosity and how we can use it to foster joy in our lives.


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Key moments:

00:00 Introduction to Joy Lab Podcast
00:39 The Power of Curiosity
01:44 Neuroplasticity and Pathways
05:16 Creating Positive Pathways
07:24 Curiosity in Mental Health
10:15 Balancing Curiosity
12:06 Personal Stories of Curiosity
14:03 Curiosity in Everyday Life
18:15 Curiosity and Letting Go
19:28 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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