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155. Sad Music... For A Mood Boost?

Does sad music make you feel a little better? You're not alone. In this episode, we're exploring the intriguing topic of how sad music can influence mood and foster resilience. A recent study revealed some reason why we are drawn to sad music and the diverse emotions it evokes, including nostalgia, peacefulness, and empathy. The study also found four dimensions or rewards of listening to sad music: imagination, emotional regulation, empathy, and experiencing emotions without real-life implications. Long song short, there's a real therapeutic and connecting power of sad music and it can be a valuable mindfulness practice for emotional processing. 


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Key moments:

00:00 Introduction to Joy Lab Podcast

00:40 Personal Music Memories

02:42 The Paradox of Sad Music

04:25 Research Insights on Sad Music

07:28 Personal Reflections on Sad Music

10:40 Conclusion and Final Thoughts 


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