Stress is natural and can provide you with valuable information to improve wellbeing. That's the good kind of stress. It's short-lived and can be shaken off with some time and care. You know the other type though; it's ever-present, unrelenting, and doesn't seem fixable. That type of chronic stress ultimately exhausts your system.


Watch the video to learn how stress is supposed to happen. Then scroll down to learn how you can stress more naturally and live more resiliently. New content will be added weekly through April.


Transforming Your Relationship with Stress

After a frightening chase with the cheetah, the gazelle shakes off the stress, then rests and digests. What does that look like for humans? Ground, move, rest, and play. 

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The Evolution of Fear

So, if zebras don't get ulcers, then why do we? Henry will discuss a bit more about the human evolution of stress and how we can get back to a more natural and healing relationship with the predators we face.

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What is Adrenal Fatigue?

There's an elephant in the room that everyone wants to talk about: adrenal fatigue. It's a hot topic. Is it real? If so, what can you do about it? This article explores the concept and offers some supports.

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Essential Oils for Adrenal Fatigue

Can you heal adrenal fatigue with essential oils?

Short(ish) answer: Using essential oils (aromatherapy) may offer a quick energy and mood boost that can then help support you as you take additional actions that offer more lasting effects.

Considering how safe aromatherapy can be when used properly, it’s worth a try if you have symptoms consistent with what’s commonly understood as adrenal fatigue.

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Calming the Circuit of Fear with Supplements

What if you need some extra calming support? Supplements may be a great tool when used wisely. This series at the blog walks you through some common supplements that have been used for anxiety and helps you create a wise supplement plan.

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Transforming Your Relationship with Stress

Stress is normal and part of the human condition. However, when stress becomes chronic, then your body, mind, and heart can take a beating. There are many strategies to ease stress, but the four below are sure to offer some relief. Watch each video and then perhaps choose one to focus on this week. Add another when you're ready and repeat until you're grounding, moving, resting, and playing in the face of stress. Take that, cheetah!

Understanding Stress & Anxiety: The Evolution of Fear

Dr. Henry Emmons describes how experiences throughout human history have wired some of us toward more anxiety states. These would have been advantageous in the past, and at times still are, but a chronic state of vigilance/stress/anxiety is unsustainable.

Four Actions to Filter Your Fear

Fear has a purpose. It helps ensure our survival. But how can we protect ourselves from the destructiveness of fear, while retaining its usefulness? Try the four actions to help you filter out the harmful aspects of fear while still staying present and aware.


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