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Tired All the Time? Meet The Three Energy Thieves

depression nutrition sleep stress May 29, 2024

Tired all the time? Feel mentally and physically exhausted? Lots of factors can be at the root cause and those are conversations to have with your doc. No matter the cause though, managing our energy plays a pivotal role in maintaining resilience and wellbeing. And a key way to manage energy is to address the three energy thieves.

The Energy Thieves

The three "energy thieves" can deplete our mental and physical energy, impacting our overall resilience. These thieves are:

  1. Oxidative stress
  2. Blood sugar dysregulation
  3. Systemic inflammation

Addressing these energy thieves can help bring your energy back into balance. You can find a really helpful discussion on each of these in the video below and find some helpful tips under the video. 



Embrace Simplicity

A surprising approach to gain more energy is to actually simplify your daily activities and give each more focus. Our Resilient Diet is built on this principle of simplicity and is a good place to start. Be sure to take our Resilience Quiz as well for more tailored options to adjust your diet. Another option? Engage in gentle aerobic movement like walking for about 20 minutes daily. Once that habit is strong, consider adding more movement through your day. The irony about energy depletion is that expending energy in a balanced, but consistent way can actually help your system create more energy.

Align with Nature

We are deeply connected to the patterns in the environment around us. If we fight them, our energy loses. When we align with them, that friction releases and we can feel our energy return. Head to this video to learn more about the profound connection between nature and our energy and wellbeing (and how to re-align if you're feeling off).


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May 29, 2024

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