33. Intro to Your Three Meditation/Visualizations

Greetings, everyone! You'll see three special meditations show up soon wherever you listen or watch your Joy Lab podcast. These three meditations will help you work with the elements of gratitude, sympathetic joy, and transitioning into the new year with our element of inspiration. 

The first one will be episode #34. You'll then have two more, episodes #37 and #39. 

We hope you find these meditation nourishing. Use them again and again, whenever you need to brew up these elements of joy and tap into your most resilient, joyful self.

Listen to this episode on YouTube.

Key Takeaways:

  • You have a built-in biofeedback system that can help you notice and open up to let in more of the good. The mediations that we'll offer you over the next two months will help you work with that system.
  • Like working with any system or tool, you need to practice. Use these meditations to hone your skills so you can notice sensations in your body more quickly and with better discernment and so you can feel more grounded, more open, and filled with more gratitude.

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